My Lifestyle sections give you an insight on my life, my thoughts, preferred décor and what I like, besides cooking, beauty and traveling.

I research a lot this concept and for each of us it has a different meaning and we approach it in other ways. For many bloggers, it a melange of cooking, traveling, beauty and fashion, but for these areas, I have a special category for each of them.

As a lifestyle blogger, I can write about anything…but nothing off limits. This section allows me to share all the things I’m passionate about and my interests. In my blog posts, I feel I can talk and share what I like at this stage in my life and the way I choose to live my life.

Being a newbie in this field of blogging, I would not tell you how to live your life or what is the best for you to do, as we have different approach and perspective of life, and each experience will have a different impact on each of us.

I hope you will join me in this sparkling journey and let’s share our experiences and what we like to do the most and why not, what we don’t like or what are our phobias and what can we can do to improve our journey in life.