In this chapter I’m gonna talk about the beauty and that all of us deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired.

Beauty and makeup improve our confidence, makes us more daring, self-assured, and courageous and by this, our life improves. I do believe that confidence makes you beautiful and beauty makes you confident! I also believe that Beauty is a state of mind, and it really doesn’t matter if we are young or old, fat or slim, as long as we feel beautiful, we are beautiful.

I will show you my ways of improving my appearance by presenting pros and cons about the cosmetics I use or try and fragrances.

My hair, nails, and makeup are very important and there is always room for accents and accessories. Another important thing that we girls must pay attention to is that we must learn to apply makeup correctly because makeup enhances our own natural beauty and we must pay attention to details because a good appearance shows that you respect yourself and others.

I think every one of us experimented that when we dress well, take care of our hair, and apply makeup skilfully, it affects the behavior of those around us in a positive way. And let’s be sincere cause this makes us feel better and increases our confidence and self-esteem, and if wrong, let me know :D.
The part that I love is the one when I can play around with my appearance (hairstyle or color), my clothes, some heels, gorgeous jewelry, a nice bag and my favorite and unforgettable fragrance, things that will make my appearance unforgettable and with a lasting impression.

I hope you will enjoy my posts and you’ll follow my sparkling journey and my experience with different types of products from makeup to pieces of clothes that I love to wear them.