Barcelona – City of Gaudi


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Back in May, I did a quick trip to Barcelona. Seeing the city of Gaudi was a truly fantastic experience starting with the architecture and finishing with the culinary heaven.

In this post I will share with you some of the famous treasures of Catalonia that I visited. I’m not going to use too many words though as I prefer to share my experience through pictures.

Sagrada Familia is the magnum opus of Gaudi, the masterpiece where you can discover the Nature in architecture.


IMG_2015Sagrada Familia, architecture, Barcelona

IMG_2032Casa Batllo is a modern artistic myth and the tour will take you to another dimension.


Casa Mila – La Pedrera is a work of art in itself


As I mentioned, Barcelona for me was a culinary heaven as I’m love with sea food and I was lucky to try different dishes. I won’t say how delicious they were as the photos will speak for themselves (or so I hope :D).


I hope you enjoyed my short journey in Barcelona!

Have you been in Barcelona or you wanna go?




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  1. I’m obsessed with the Spanish gothic architecture after visiting Palma so Barcelona is on my to do list next. sagrada familia is stunning, inside and out! The food all looks pretty amazing too.

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