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lifestyle blog

shutterstock_215234314A Sparkling Journey is a lifestyle blog about me and things that make me happy! I will always be letting all my readers know about my everyday life and events that take part in my life such as places I visit and attractions I have the luck of seeing. This lifestyle blog not only give you the chance to realise what I do in my spare time but also gives you an insight on the food that I love to cook.

shutterstock_307780538As a lifestyle blog it is very important for you to know the food that I enjoy cooking as well as eating. You may have seen some foods that I have cooked where the recipe has been passed down generations in my family. They are unique dishes and the only places you would be able to find them is on my blog.

shutterstock_290675633shutterstock_125231870I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs, and if you have any suggestions of places I can visit, or food I can be spontaneous enough to try. Please tell me all about them! And because I like reading other blogs, if you want me to share your writing, I will be happy to put your blogs on A Sparkling Journey. My very own UK Lifestyle Blog.


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  1. I absolutely love blogs that highlight the beautiful, simple things in life. We don’t realize how significant our lives really are until we reflect on them after a long day. I’m going to explore the rest of your blog now! Check out mine! I haven’t started writing yet and I’m still in the process of customizing. Your feedback would be much appreciated 🙂

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