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1st of March is the day where in Romania we celebrate Martisor, the 1st day of spring. I always celebrate by decorating my house with spring flowers that urges you to bring in my home the freshness and beauty of spring. It is said that the first harbinger of spring is the snowdrop. Most often it can be seen in the garden or around the house. From early March, back home it can be bought from stalls or can even be picked in the woods, while in UK you can find it only in the wild. I love them because spring flowers appear and cheer up my days.

IMG_5749During this season, the tulips are a must to have them in my house. Not only colourful, but also gentle and graceful, they delight my every day. Whether I receive them as a gift or buy them myself represent a joy.

FullSizeRenderAlso daffodils are a must in my house as they symbolize the spring by rebirth, a new beginning. The yellow colour is bringing brightness, joyful and happiness.

FullSizeRender_4For Valentine ’s Day I have received a beautiful pot of orchid. In the past, on the Asian continent, this flower was considered a flower of joy and used for celebrating the spring, for the Greeks weeding flowers. The orchids always fascinated me because I find it to have an exotic beauty and they have a luxury look and charm.

FullSizeRender_2The potted red roses that I have received on 1st of March are just gorgeous their beauty, fragrance and brilliant colours are enough to make me smile and just make my days better and happier when I see them on my desk.

FullSizeRender_5What spring flowers do you have in your house?


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