Mussel Farm Dalboka, Bulgaria

mussel farm mussels

Last September I decided with my parents that we have to make a quick visit to Bulgaria and a MUST was to try the delicious dishes from Mussel Farm Dalboka and I can say it was the best decision as they provide a range of mussel and seafood meals.

IMG_3884The mussel farm specializes in cultivation and production of organic mussel. For most of this must be an ordinary fact, but, there is a BUT. The area is a special one because is one of the most environmentally clean area in the country.

To get there the only way is driving and I should let you know that is a very sheer one-lane country road that is under construction at that time and I hope next time is not going to be as adventurous as it was (1 lane for both sides).

IMG_3902The restaurant where we ate is on the right next to the seashore where the view is breath taking and you can also see the mussels farm, the actual place from where they are harvest. During the summer the place is usually full and if you want to make sure that you want to have a table you can call to make a reservation.

IMG_3900After you take a sit and scroll down the menu you realize how many mussels specialities there are and it almost impossible to decide what you would like to eat. They also have fish and vegetarian dishes if you are not a big fan of the seafood. What liked most was the mussels soup and very impressed with the dessert with mussels and apples or pumpkin.

IMG_3893IMG_3899IMG_3897IMG_3894All I can say is that the place is amazing, the prices are reasonable and it a lifetime experience that I recommend you to visit the Mussel Farm Dalboka if you are in Bulgaria and now I will let you to enjoy the images.


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  1. Lovely photos! I absolutely LOVE mussels so this sounds like absolute heaven for me. I’m pescetarian, and I don’t think there’s much better than enjoying fresh seafood straight out of the ocean.

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