Fam trip to Leicester


A weekend ago I’ve been invited by one of my friends to go with her to fam trip in Leicester. I said yes and we started our trip on Friday afternoon at about 4 o’clock (not the great hour to travel on M6 and not to forget to mention the Spaghetti Junction) and it took us about 1 hour and a half instead of 50 minutes maximum.
We checked in at The Belmont Hotel, a lovely and quirky boutique hotel that is located 5 minutes away from the train station and next to the new walking lane that takes you straight to the city centre in just 10 minutes.
after the check in we decided to have a walk to the city centre and to find a place to eat. we have stopped in the St. Martin Square at Grillstock BBQ Smokehouse Leicester. The funky-rustic style décor had that hip vibe that seems the norm with BBQ places and the staff were attentive and the food came out quickly and was really good. Now I will leave the images to speak about the food and the place as don’t want to get you bored.
Next day we started by enjoying a lovely English breakfast in a jazzy and chilling atmosphere at the hotel restaurant.


First stop on Saturday was at Leicester Tigers  where we spent an interesting and interactive half a day. We were given the tour of the stadium and all the conference rooms and after that played lots of fun games (I haven’ won any of them unfortunately, but maybe next time).


Second stop of the day was at the National Space Centre where we have saved the world (in a secret mission so please don’t spread the word). I believe this place is fun from the little to the older ones and is a good place to send a Saturday with family, friends and colleagues. I will definitely come back to enjoy all the things in there.

The last day of the Fam trip, half a day dedicated exploring Richard III’s Leicester with a blue badge guide exploring a part of the city walking and discovering a part of the city’ history and how Richard III is connected.
The route took as to some of the buildings and structures that Richard may have seen or visited during his times in city: the medieval Guildhall, the hotel in which he is said to have stopped the night before the battle, the bridge he crossed over the River Soar with its associated legend, and his burial site at Grey Friars.
Our day in Leicester ended up at King Richard III Visitor Centre where you learn about it in a fascinating and moving story of the king’s life and death, and reveals one of the greatest archaeological detective stories ever told.
If you have been here let me know about your experience in Leicester!

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