Mussel Farm Dalboka, Bulgaria

mussel farm mussels Last September I decided with my parents that we have to make a quick visit to Bulgaria and a MUST was to try the delicious dishes from Mussel Farm Dalboka and I can say it was the best decision as they provide a range of mussel and seafood meals. The mussel farm… Read More Mussel Farm Dalboka, Bulgaria


My Sunday Breakfast

breakfast Yesterday morning after waking up with no energy and I decided that I need a boost for the day and I started to prepare an omelet and a glass of fresh orange juice. Ingredients 2 medium eggs 1 medium mushroom 1 spring onion Dutch Edam cheese Spinach Butter Salt Ground pepper Parsley 3 oranges… Read More My Sunday Breakfast


Trip to Balchik

Balchik Last September I decided to take a trip with my parents to visit the unique and romantic city of Balchik, one of the most attractive destination that is full of history. Balchik is situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is one of the most popular resorts and while you are there you can… Read More Trip to Balchik


Fam trip to Leicester

Leicester A weekend ago I’ve been invited by one of my friends to go with her to fam trip in Leicester. I said yes and we started our trip on Friday afternoon at about 4 o’clock (not the great hour to travel on M6 and not to forget to mention the Spaghetti Junction) and it took… Read More Fam trip to Leicester