To love or not to love Macarons?!

I hope you my friends had a good weekend because mine was fabulous. Last Saturday was my Birthday and I was very spoiled and don’t blame me…who doesn’t like it 🙂


In this post I will talk about one of the sweets that I like and love them. MACARONS 🙂 Yes! I received an entire box with all the flavour that the shop had 🙂


I really want to share my experience with Macarons that are …light, fluffy, crunchy, sweet, and flavourful. As you bite into each one, they are the opposite of heavy. What makes these cookies so delightful is not just their fine texture – when you take a bite you first sensation is a crisp shell and then a perfectly tacky and light cookie and finally an evilly rich filling.


A macaron consist of of two components: the cookie and the filling. The cookie is a meringue but what I find it the best part is the endless option of fillings: sweet jams, custards, buttercreams, and spicy relishes.


FullSizeRender_5The reason why I personally love it is because is it so good looking and obviously visually seducing. Made out of sugar, almonds and egg whites, it is a small pleasure that isn’t a cake (I really don’t like cakes – ups).


I also love that I can choose them by colour and flavours. What is very important when you eat them is not to stuff it down your mouth and you have to remember to not eat it freakishly slowly or to quick, but be sure to savor the flavor!


I personally believe they’re the kind of thing you either love them or you don’t.  This tiny, pretty and soft desert is immediately bright my mood.

FullSizeRender_7So are you a Macaron Lover?


18 thoughts on “To love or not to love Macarons?!

  1. Love. I say, definitely, lots of love. Until I step on the scale, that is, and it makes me feel not so lovey-dovey anymore. He he. But personally, I really like chocolate coconut macaroons. I had them in the summer, and I can still remember what they taste like. :O

  2. I’m definitely a macaron lover!! They are so pretty, so delicious and are gluten free which is great for me as I am gluten free. I love their light and fluffy texture. xx

  3. I know how you feel with macarons. Vibrant colours! I love them so much I even wrote two books about them since came up with an recipe that works that’s not too difficult. BTW, they’re also gluten free!

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  5. I’m afraid that I’m not the biggest fan of macarons but am absolutely in love with almond macarons, aka macarons a l’ancienne. They are a similar idea but use almond flour instead of wheat flour. You should try them the next time you spot on in a bakery!

  6. You’ll probably be surprised to hear I’ve never actually eaten a macaron! But, I am so tempted to try one now. I love how colourful they are, and they sound really interesting to eat! Also, your photos are lovely 🙂

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