Today I decided to share my experience with Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara.

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara is advertised as “a bold mascara that creates unbelievable volume, endless build, and exceptional separation. This pliable formula stays flexible even after it dries, so each coat goes on as fresh as the first—immediately or hours later—with zero dragging, clumping, or flaking.”

From my experience, using it for the first time this brand creates decent volume and separation to my lashes. My lashes had a lovely, fluffy volume to them and they looked natural, lightweight and never felt heavy.

The unique “reactivating” formula—enriched with lash conditioners and vitamins—remains flexible between coats so lashes stay separated as volume builds. This formula in reality appeared dry compared to other mascaras I have used in the past. After first application, my lashes did not feel chunky or heavy.

Before                                              After

I have chosen this one because I was attracted by the brush that has less dense hairs meaning lashes would go deeper into brush and grab more mascara for a full lash look. It has a big fat bristle brush which is my favourite and it’s so easy to use all the way through your lashes and it stays on all day long without flaking. Another good thing about the mascara was that it did not feel sticky on my lashes and despite reapplying it over and over again, I never felt like my lashes were cemented together or were sitting awkwardly and unpleasantly.

The thing I like the most is how it separates the lashes and creates a really natural but fuller lash line, and you can build it up without it clumping to get the volume you need.

Before                                              After

To conclude, I would say that this mascara could be used for daily wear, since it is good enough for the day look as is not providing me the unbelievable volume and thickness.



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