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A long time ago I developed dry hands during cold weather. Since autumn till spring my hand are dry, cracked, bloody and sore unfortunately. About 6 years ago I discovered Eucerin Hand Cream with Urea what saved my hands since then. Eucerin is my favourite one because helps and repairs my dry, rough hands and moisturizes and smooth them. The best this is that you fell your skin smoother after just one application and is not leaving it greasy.

FullSizeRender (1)During years I have tried loads of lotions and hand creams, but this is the one that my skin absorbs quickly and provides long-lasting moisturisation. Because I wash my hands frequently throughout the day, the skin looses all the necessary oils. This hand cream makes my skin smooth and soft that I feel the relief it provides for my skin. It has a thick consistency like a smooth balm that gives my skin smooth finish. It absorbs very quickly and keeps my hands moisturised and nourished for a very long period.

A tiny drop of Eucerin is enough to moisture your palms. I apply it regularly especially after using soaps and detergents that dries my hands. Before I go to sleep I prefer to use a generous amount to keep my hand moisturized during the night. Even after I get up in the morning I can still feel my hands soft and smooth. The key ingredients in this cream, Urea and Lactate helps to improve and work together for the moisture compulsory ability of the skin.

I really love and recommend this hand cream that saves my hands during cold days by making my hands soft, healthy and protected against the wind. You will fall in love from the first drop on your skin.

What is your favourite hand cream and why?


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