My breakfast

This morning I decided that the perfect breakfast for me will be an omelette with red pepper, goat cheese and bacon.

For this recipe I needed:


1 large free range egg

1 splash of fat milk (the best type in my opinion)

chopped 1/6 red pepper

2 slices of smoked bacon

goat cheese

1 tomato cut in wedges






I crack the egg into a mixing bowl with a pinch of salt, pepper and a splash of milk. After that I beat them well with a fork.

I then put bacon into the pre-heated over and check it from time to time until is done.

I take a non stick pan, I add a little bit of butter and after it has melted I add the red pepper to soften it a bit. When the pepper is done, pour in the egg and cook it until the bottom of the omelette is set. When it is almost done, I sprinkle crumbled goat cheese of half of the omelette and then I fold it in half and leave it in the pan for extra 15-20 seconds.

After that I gently slide omelette onto serving plate next to the bacon and a tomato cut in wedges.


This is one of my kinds of breakfast next to a cup of tea and maybe a smoothie after.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Bon Appetite!


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