Immortelle Milk Make-up Remover

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It’s been couple of months since I started using the Immortelle Milk Make-up Remover and I am really pleased with it yet again. I put makeup in the morning and during the day my face attracts dust outside and whenever I put my hands on my face. So this is why a top quality makeup remover is very important for having healthy and clean skin.


The Immortelle Milk Make-up Remover is my favourite cleanser from L’Occitane that I used up until this time. I like the rich and milky texture that smooth the skin, leaving soft with a silky and brighter appearance that makes me feel wonderful. I also love the smell of immortelle scent that sends me dreaming to the sunshine of the Corsican Maquis.


The way that I use it is by applying it on a cotton pad then on the dry skin swiping it over the face and neck leaving it hydrated. Afterwards I wash my face even though is not necessary to do it. (I always like to feel clean)


I also like this product because it also cleans the eye make-up without rubbing it all over my face. This is also a product that treats your eyes gently and doesn’t irritate, hurt or dry out my eyes, which I experience with quite a lot with other makeup removers. I also use it to get rid of the leftover lip stain.


Another reason for choosing Immortelle Milk Make-up Remover is because of the Immortelle floral water that is prevents the skin conditions such as acne or eczema and contains exceptional anti-ageing properties.


What is your favourite make-up remover?



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