My Burrito Experience


Hi guys!


I hope you had a lovely weekend. 


I have changed my hair style just because I realised I needed something new in my life. After that I decided with my partner in crime that we need to try the burritos from Tortilla, restaurant that is based at Central New Street Station, Birmingham. The price of one medium burrito is £5 and if you want some extras like guacamole, a different type of meat or a different size then you may just spend only an extra £2.


I chose the medium burrito con carnitas, coriander rice, guacamole and mild salsa. Next time I want to try their nachos :).


Check out the photo of the delicious burrito and I hope you will go and try it and if you do, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

 photo (1)

Bon Appetite my friend!


4 thoughts on “My Burrito Experience

  1. Love burritos! In Zagreb we have one, well not restaurant but like an eating spot where they serve delicious burritos with home made strawberry lemonade. It’s heaven! If you ever visit Zagreb, go to “Pani” and you’ll not be disappointed 😉

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