Eucerin hand cream

hand cream A long time ago I developed dry hands during cold weather. Since autumn till spring my hand are dry, cracked, bloody and sore unfortunately. About 6 years ago I discovered Eucerin Hand Cream with Urea what saved my hands since then. Eucerin is my favourite one because helps and repairs my dry, rough… Read More Eucerin hand cream


My breakfast

This morning I decided that the perfect breakfast for me will be an omelette with red pepper, goat cheese and bacon. For this recipe I needed:   1 large free range egg 1 splash of fat milk (the best type in my opinion) chopped 1/6 red pepper 2 slices of smoked bacon goat cheese 1… Read More My breakfast



Christmas is approaching very quickly and with all the shops and adverts promoting the festive season even before the time, it was difficult to resist getting decorations for my tree. One of my favourite things about this time of the year is decorating the Christmas tree. Something about it takes me back to my childhood, but now… Read More MY CHRISTMAS TREE



  Since I have moved to UK, I started learning to cook British food and one of my favourite is the classic Shepherd’s pie because I prefer to cook simple and delicious recipes. Below I will show you my way of making my Shepherd’s pie. First I will start by showing you the list of… Read More MY SHEPHERD’S PIE