To Zip or not to Zip

I shall start by saying that Zip lining in Snowdonia was such an unforgettable adventure that my friends and I will be booking again next year.

When we decided to organise the trip to Zip World we chose Velocity, which is also called “The Nearest Thing to Flying” home of longest zip wire in Europe and the fastest in the world. Zip World is grounded at Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda, where slate has been mined for over two centuries.

We were instructed by Helen and taken to the ,which is still the third longest zip wire in Britain.  While spending time with Helen we went through a test and an experience that showed a great overview of Zip Lining, we were given assurance and built up the confidence to go ahead on the Big Zipper.  We were then suited up with a safety helmet, goggles, and a flying suit that would protect me from wind and showers.

We then started our journey to the ,through the largest slate quarry in the world in an old army truck. The adrenaline bred by the height and the speed in superfluous of over 100pmh that I could reach fuelled my soul and heart giving me a unique experience despite the rainy and windy day.

This unbelievable Zip lining experience combined with adrenaline has built and fed my confidence while flying across the skyline while enjoying a breath-taking view of the lake.  Even though it only lasted for 1 minute, that minute felt like an eternity.

In conclusion, I definitely encourage everyone to try this experience full of emotions and peace above the sky.



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