A Perfect Saturday Evening!

  As with many perfect Saturday nights, I love doing what I enjoy with my best friends. In the Saturday that just past, I spent the day drinking mulled wine, eating steamed chestnuts and munching of nachos with different sauces. It was a great night of laughter after drinking Bacchus Spirit and watching a funny movie.… Read More A Perfect Saturday Evening!


Colour in my life!

I love flowers; so much that I cover my table in fresh flowers every week. It helps lift my mood and never fails to bring a smile to my face every morning until evening. You might think I am crazy but, sometimes I talk to them to let them know just how beautiful they are. (if there are… Read More Colour in my life!


To Zip or not to Zip

I shall start by saying that Zip lining in Snowdonia was such an unforgettable adventure that my friends and I will be booking again next year. When we decided to organise the trip to Zip World we chose Velocity, which is also called “The Nearest Thing to Flying” home of longest zip wire in Europe… Read More To Zip or not to Zip


About Me

Hi Guys! My name is Roxana with one “n” and “a” at the end :-). I am a 20 something years old petite Romanian girl living in West Midlands. In my spare time I love cooking and challenging my partner who thinks he is a better “chef” :-). I enjoy reading, listening to good music (jazz when I’m chilling-out) and… Read More About Me